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Got A Boat? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Seek Sand Blasting Services

by Mae Fisher

During a sand blasting operation, sand is 'blasted' onto your boat's body surface at high pressure through a water mixture. The abrasive nature of the process creates just enough force to remove various physical elements on the top surface of your boat's body, leaving the metal bare and polished. All this is done inside a special blast room while using specialised equipment and at the hands of highly-trained blast technicians. As a boat owner, you too can benefit immensely from sand blasting during a number of occasions as shown below.

Boat restoration

If your boat as been out of commission for a while, has been in a smash accident, or simply needs a facelift, sand blasting can help you restore the looks of your marine vehicle back to what they were before. During this process, the boat is stripped down to the bare minimum and the entire frame is blasted to remove old paint, decals, and any markings on the boat. This process is great at stripping away surface coats without creating any scratches on your boat. Once the sand blasting process is done, your boat can be repainted for a fresh new look.

Minor aesthetic touches and body work

Even if you're not going for a full-blown restoration project, you can still seek sand blasting for your boat when in need of minor aesthetic touches. For example, you can see the service when you want to rid your boat of grease, oil spills, stains, graffiti, as well as mould, algae, and other aquatic growth. You only need to get the affected areas blasted, be it the hull, fan rotors, or certain sections of the boat body surface. This process will allow your boat to be repainted for a better-looking exterior.

Anti-foul removal

If your boat's anti-foul coat is eroding or becoming ineffective, it is important that you strip away the old coat and seek the installation of another. This will not only keep your boat's hull clean, it will prevent any motion impediments that can be caused by marine foul. A sand blasting process is the best way to paint-strip this delicate part of your boat quickly and without causing any damage to adjacent delicate areas.

A sand blasting treatment is highly effective at cleaning your boat's surface. The process creates an even finish that is not only great for your boat's paint work, but it also keeps your boat perfectly streamlined thanks to the smooth finish created. In addition to that, sand blasting is faster and gentler on your boat compared to other hand-administered treatments.