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  • The Best Way To Revitalise Your Old Cars Exterior

    7 August 2020

    Taking care of older cars and keeping them roadworthy is a popular hobby amongst many Australians. There is just something special about these older vehicles and the time you spend on them that can not be captured by modern cars, as high-tech and shiny as they can be. However, with age comes a number of problems for cars, primarily related to the exterior and overall quality of the surface of your car.

  • Top Tips for Quality Paintwork During Smash Repairs

    29 May 2020

    Most car owners don't know that paintwork is a critical part of smash repairs. Notably, the best panel beating service must be matched by an excellent paint job. It matters little how much time you spend panel beating a car's body if you cannot guarantee quality paint job. The best way to ensure show-room quality paintwork is through adequate and proper body surface preparation. This article highlights tips for quality paint job during smash repairs.