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  • Dealing With The 3 Most Common Paint Imperfections On Your Vintage Ride

    9 August 2016

    You vintage car may last forever, but paint will only last a few years, especially on your vintage ride. While a paint job is the most noticeable restoration process for a picture-perfect vehicle, paint imperfections are no stranger to an old ride. A paint job is, in fact, a vintage car's greatest weakness. Check out these tips to help you deal with paint imperfections on your beautifully restored vintage car.

  • 3 Core Techniques Implemented By Panel Beaters

    21 January 2016

    When you are involved in an accident and your car has suffered great damage on its bodywork, the expertise of panel beaters may come in handy in terms of restoring your car's bodywork back to its original, brand new state. Car owners may be interested in knowing exactly which metalwork techniques that panel beaters adopt in straightening the dents. Here are three core metalwork techniques implemented by panel beaters in the course of their work.