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Smash Repair Tips

by Mae Fisher

Smash repairs are your first concern once your vehicle is involved in an accident. Most car owners are often afraid that the car will not return to its original condition. Read this guide to learn how to conduct successful and professional smash repairs.

Insurance Considerations

Check the terms of your insurance cover. For instance, the insurance company could compel you to use specific garages or roadside assistance services. In some cases, you could opt not to report the incident to your insurance company. It happens if you think that the insurer will increase your annual premiums. 

Choosing A Garage

The garage should specialise in smash repairs. Besides, the mechanics should have adequate experience in the repair of your vehicle model. Most garages will offer a comprehensive range of services. For instance, they will inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of the damages. For example, a front collision could severe the vehicle's cooling system and engine. If this is the case, the smash repair workshop should conduct mechanical repairs on your car.

After the inspection, the smash repair garage should give a quote detailing the car repair charges. Check the additional charges. For instance, some garages will charge a storage fee. Others will provide a courtesy car to use before they repair your vehicle. Negotiate the costs before the mechanics begin to work on your vehicle. The mechanics should also state when they will complete the repairs. 

Examine the repair equipment available at the garage. For instance, car body jacks, shop presses, jack stands, cranes and dent repair kits will ensure efficiency at the repair shop. You should also examine the quality of paint job offered at the garage. For example, a paint booth can significantly improve the quality of paintwork.

Cost-Saving Mechanisms

An easy way to save on smash repair costs is choosing to repair the affected part as opposed to conducting comprehensive vehicle repairs. For instance, you could fix a dented panel or bumper instead of buying a new car part. If your vehicle had a frontal impact, your mechanic could paint the front rather than the whole vehicle. However, you must use high-quality paints to ensure your vehicle does not have two different shades of paint. Polish the rest of the car to ensure a smooth and consistent glossy look. Paintless dent removal is an ideal option if your vehicle has minor dents. Used car parts are way cheaper than new parts. However, ask your mechanic to inspect the used part for rust and dents. Besides, it must fit your vehicle.

When considering smash repairs, check the terms of your insurance cover, work with experienced mechanics at garages and observe the recommended cost-saving tips.