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How to Spray Paint Scratches on Your Vehicle

by Mae Fisher

Unfortunately, the paint on your vehicle can get scratched in all kinds of situations. You can buy pens full of paint that can cover some scratches, but for the best results, you may want to spray paint the area. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

1. Clean the Area

To get started, clean the area thoroughly. When you buy a scratch repair kit, you should get a special cleaner that can help you to remove built-up grease, wax, and other unwanted elements. If you don't clean the scratched part of the car, you will end up applying the spray paint to the grease or debris that is on the car, and in that situation, the paint isn't actually on the metal, so it will look bulky and potentially slough off over time.

2. Tape

Once the area is clean, dry it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to make sure you get rid of all water droplets. Then, apply tape. Tape around an area that includes the entire scratch as well as some of the surrounding bodywork. Ultimately, you want to cover that scratch and have it blend in with the surrounding paint.

3. Lightly Sand

Now grab a light grit sandpaper, and rub it over the area. This roughens up the surface of the vehicle so that the paint will stick, but at the same time, it also smooths the existing paint so that it is the same level as your scratch.

4. Fill Deep Gouges With Putty

If your scratch is very deep, you will need to apply putty. Use your fingertips to feel around the area that you have sanded. Is your original scratch deeper than the little scratches you have sanded into the paint job? If so, you need to fill that area with some putty.

You can buy putty at auto repair shops or parts shops. Simply push it into the crack, and smooth it around with a flat paddle, similar to the type you use when using putty to fill a nail hole in a wall. Then, let the putty dry and lightly sand so that the putty blends in with the rest of the surface.

5. Spray Paint

At this point, you have completed the prep work so you can start to paint. Consider consulting with a professional to ensure you have selected the right paint colour. Then, apply the spray paint to your body work in the area inside the tape.

Ultimately, if you want your vehicle's paint job to look like new, you should consider hiring a car mechanic that does body work. They can help you cover up all kinds of scratches or even turn your car a whole different colour scheme.