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Crucial Facts That Car Owners Must Know Regarding Smash Repairs

by Mae Fisher

From a serious head-on collision to a run-of-the-mill fender bender, accidents that affect a car's shape require smash repair services. The repairs involve restoring the car's original form using various techniques and tools. Notably, independent auto body shops and car dealers provide smash repair services. Therefore, choosing a reputable and experienced professional is crucial for excellent service delivery. That said, you need to keep a few things in mind as you search for a smash repair shop. Most importantly, it helps you make informed decisions. Here are crucial facts that car owners must know regarding smash repairs.

Repair Guidelines Are Available to Auto Shops 

Auto body shops try to differentiate their services to maintain a competitive edge. However, many customers do not know that car manufacturers usually offer auto shops their smash repair guidelines. Of course, auto shops have to buy the procedures and standards because car manufacturers do not provide them free. Although some auto shops do not follow the guidelines, they still produce exceptional smash repair results. However, if you own a classic or vintage car and want it restored to its exact original form, engaging an auto shop that does not mind buying smash repair guidelines from the manufacturer is recommended. Therefore, the auto shops you approach for repairs should be ready to show you the manufacturer guidelines for your car. It guarantees you that your vehicle is in the right hands.

Only Auto Shops Offer Warranty for Repairs 

Smash repairs are not a big problem if you have auto insurance. Your policy should cover smash repairs and other related expenses. However, insurance companies often work with auto body shops, commonly known as insurer-preferred repairers. Although insurance companies recommend their clients use the preferred smash repairers, the final decision depends on a customer. Notably, some car owners believe that they lose their warranty by using an independent repair shop. However, only auto shops provide a warranty for repair work done. Therefore, you can rest assured that your repairs have a warranty, whether you take your car to an independent auto shop or an insurer-preferred smash repairer.

Mandatory Scanning 

Collisions often affect critical car safety components, such as brake systems, seatbelts, airbags, frames and chassis. Damage to any of the parts significantly increases the risk of fatal accidents. It is the reason only qualified technicians must perform smash repairs. In addition to restoring a car's original form, technicians must ensure it is safe to drive. In this regard, ensure that repair technicians perform a complete scan of your car's frame and the electronic and mechanical systems. A scan reveals any problem areas before your vehicle leaves a smash repair garage.