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Why Apply Underbody Paint On Your Car?

by Mae Fisher

When you think about auto paint spraying, then you probably only think about the parts of your vehicle that you can see, such as its bodywork. However, you can also have the underbody of your car painted periodically.

Here, you apply specialised coatings to the underside of your car. While this coating doesn't have the cosmetic benefits you get from spraying the rest of the vehicle, it does have some practical advantages. What are they?

Underbody Paints Add Extra Protection

You can't see the undercarriage of your car unless you get down on the ground or under the car itself. So, you might not naturally check this area for damage and might assume that it will stay in good shape.

However, this part of your car sits close to the ground. It bears the brunt of potentially damaging weather, environmental and road conditions.

For example, underbodies are often prone to corrosion and rust problems. This part of a car is more likely to corrode and rust because it often gets wet and takes longer to dry off than more exposed parts of the vehicle.

If your underbody rusts, then your car could develop serious problems down the line. The metals in this area could start to weaken and crumble. Rust could also spread to your bodywork.

Plus, this part of your car takes a lot of dings from road debris. Chippings and small stones that hit your undercarriage can cause some damage. They can also speed up rusting by removing old and worn surface coatings and exposing the bare metal underneath.

An underbody spray paint coating gives this area extra protection. These coatings typically contain tarry or rubberised materials. They prevent water and moisture from getting into the underbody. They also provide a cushioning layer that reduces the chances of chip or scratch damage that could cause bigger problems down the line.

Underbody Paints Reduce Vehicle Noise

The underside of a vehicle affects the noise you hear and the vibrations you feel when you drive. For example, if you drive over a loose gravel road, then the noise of gravel stones hitting an uncoated undercarriage will make it noisy inside the car. When you drive over a bumpy road, you'll also feel some vibrations.

While underbody coatings are mainly designed to protect your car, they have an added advantage here. The thick and flexible coating can also act as a noise dampener. You won't hear as much noise when you drive, and the coating can even smooth out and absorb some vibrations. You'll get a more peaceful and comfortable ride.

To find out more about underbody coatings, contact auto spray painting shops. They can help you choose the right coating for your car and apply it on for you.